Friday, February 17, 2012

Letter #1

Dear Auntie Aida,

I was just on Yahoo Chat with an old friend and he asked about you. It has been almost a month since your body left this earth and the pain of missing you is still very much there. Every couple of days I can't but not think of you for the majority of the day; sometimes to think of happy memories but most of the time it's a sad day when I wish you were still here.

I don't know why I started this Blog/Letter writing to you, but maybe its to help me and other family & friends. Maybe its to say things that I have always wanted to tell you but never did. Maybe it's to remember the memories we had. Or maybe I truly believe that you are reading these letters. I don't know why, but so far its helping a little.

At this point I don't know where to begin, but just know that I miss you more than words. I try so hard to comfort myself and tell myself that you're no longer in pain & suffering, but that we are suffering here on Earth and you're in Paradise. Yet those words to myself doesn't stop me from missing you.

Aside from your bright & welcoming, smile the thing that I remembered vividly about you and also admire about you, is how you were also so composed & calm. My emotions get the best of me at times and I don't know how to deal with them, but you, you weren't like that. You were always so calm (of course not when we got in trouble by you! LoL) but with happiness behind the calmness. Constant happiness at that!

I remember your laugh too.... You would laugh at anything and everything, especially at your own jokes or when we would make fun of Mommy / Auntie Girlie with their FOBish accents. I never thought of you as an "oldie" but more like a Homey, which could be why we shared so much more laughter together than I did with the other "oldies".

If there is one thing that I learned from you, is that life is what you make of it. So if you want to be happy, you put that smile on your face and never let it leave......

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